Oktober Guard is coming to Transformers vs GIJOE!

Tom Scioli gave an interview explaining the new popularity of the Transformers vs GIJOE comic printed by IDW publishing. http://deadshirt.net/2014/09/18/tom-sci … s-g-i-joe/ Deadshirt.net was able to glean some interesting facts from Tom Scioli. Chief among them is that the Oktober Guard will be making an appearance but not the Oktober Guard we know. S: We’re still trying to decide if he’ll be a part of it since we’re not really sure what Snake-Eyes’ allegiances are at this point in the story. The Oktober Guard is going to show up and…

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G.I.Joe Fan Fiction: “GI Joe Spec Ops: Nuclear Oktober: Guard VS Skull Squad”

G.I.Joe Fan Fiction from Serpentorslair Staffer Bodycount. Check it out below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! Russia November, 1995 The ‘Yastreb’ attack helicopter cruised through the Russian skies five thousand feet above and three miles behind the trucks it stalked. The attack helicopter, a heavily modified version of the MiL-28, was tracking its prey thanks to a telescopic camera in the nose. Together with the forward-looking infrared camera, the Yastreb could track targets from miles away and direct its weapons on to them easily. The two-tone grey striped…

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