Outback’s Outpost Discusses ’12” G.I.Joe’s’ Story by Mitchell Smith!


Welcome to the Outpost, hope you all are staying safe and sane. Today I’m going to get into the 12 inch G.I.Joe line. I was born in 75 so I had the pleasure of the 12 inch Joes which lead into the 3-3/4 inch line. The 12 inch has always been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember.

I have been a collector of 12 inch for quite some time now but I missed out on a lot of great Joes. The 2008 Duke is one I wish I had picked up and now is almost impossible to find. This figure most resembles the original 1984 Duke and holds a great deal of value to me. Anyone growing up in the eighties and watching the cartoon knows how imports Duke is to the franchise.

There have been numerous Duke figures but this one is just pure awesomeness. The uniform from top to bottom is just awesome. The head sculpt just screams badass all around. This is just one very nice figure and I think in my personal opinion is better then the 2010 Sideshow version which is also an awesome figure but I just love this version and I hope to one day get it in hand. Thanks for checking in and tomorrow I will be looking to dive into one of my favorite mid size play sets, as always feel free to drop a comment I always look forward to your opinions AFTER THE JUMP!


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