Outback’s Outpost ‘G.I.Joe 2005 Vehicles’ By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. This week I’m taking a look at the 2005 G.I.Joe vehicles. I was 1 year a new father and that put me back in toy aisles and stores like TRU. There were lots of good stuff this year and I bought a vehicle for the first time in my life. All the other vehicles were all gifts. There were 4 convention exclusives this year. The Cobra Stealth Moray which is a blue and black version. This one looks really cool. Iron Grenadier Stealth AGP. This is a cool looking version. The Iron Mech is a cool looking version of the Defense Mech. The Steel Brigade Skyhawk is a white and black camo pattern that looks great.

There were also 4 direct to consumer vehicles this year. The Cobra Hiss which was a cool looking version of the original Hiss, The Night Ops Humvee a black version of the 2004 Jungle Strike, The R.O.C.C. which is a large vehicle and mobile base looks awesome. This one has many working parts and was used in the Sigma Six line as their main base. Finally the R.H.I.N.O. Which is cool. I have the 2009 version and I love this vehicle. The Helicopter is one of my favorite parts of this vehicle.

The normal retail vehicles had a decent lineup. There were some repaints. The Air Assault, 2002 Hiss IV, Night Adder, Desert Coyote, and Ninja Lightning are all nice repaints. The re-painted Orange Wave Crusher looks pretty cool. I like this vehicle and might try and track one down. The Ninja Battles set is an Arashikage platform with pillars. This came with 5 figures and I have the 2009 version and this is really nice to set-up ninja scenes. The Venomization Chamber is a cool looking set. I picture this being part of Mindbenders lab. This is one I want to track down at some point.

The G.I. Joe Moray Hydrofoil is a camo repaint of the original. The original Hydrofoil was one I always wanted and never had. When I saw this TRU exclusive there was no hesitation. I lived off bread and broth for a week so I could afford this vehicle. I have since added and original and both of these are awesome. Last but not least the Desert Humvee. This was also a repaint but this is one of my all-time favorite vehicles. This vehicle is solid. The front and back and all 4 doors open. Even the Duke figure with this vehicle is pure gold. I loved this so much I went back and bought a second this year. This tan version goes well with other desert vehicles such as the Desert Fox, the Mauler, and the Desert Awe Striker. Who has any of the 2005 vehicles? Which one is your favorite? MAKE THE JUMP to the forums and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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