Peggy Gets a New Boss in Season 2 of Marvel’s Agent Carter!


Production is under way for the second season of Marvel’s Agent Carter on ABC. One point of order has to be resolved right from the start one would think. Agent Carter is going to need a new boss, as her old boss did not survive season 1. For the latest tidbits on Agent Carter Season 2, check out the news below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: TVLINE.COM)

In the penultimate hour of Marvel’s Agent Carter‘s freshman run, SSR Chief Dooley (played by Shea Whigham) found himself irrevocably strapped by Dr. Ivchenko into a vest created by Howard Stark, a gizmo that would progressively overheat and explode with Dooley in it.

What happened after Dooley pitched his volatile self out the window to protect his SSR colleagues transpired fast and furiously, as Season 1’s final episode unspooled. So there was not a free moment to address the issue of a succession plan.

But when the action picks up this midseason, with the setting moved to Los Angeles, the answer of “Who will be the new SSR chief?” is answered, as seen in the photo tweeted out by Marvel on Thursday. Do you agree with the choice in Dooley’s successor? And have you tweeted Enver Gjokaj your congrats yet?



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