Remembering Cindy Williams!

Story by Mitchell Smith

Hello everyone, today we say goodbye to an actress who filled our homes with joy and laughter. Cindy Williams born in LA in 1947, would go to college for acting and pursue her dream. One of the biggest moments of her life came when she was cast in an episode of Happy Days in 1975. Her character Shirley Feeney was such a hit that the producer of Happy Days started a spin off series and it became one of the top shows in the seventies, Laverne & Shirley.

Williams was still active at 75. Some of her other rolls include Laurie Henderson in Lucas’ other film American Graffiti, and Emily Preston in Meet Wally Sparks. She also appeared in many TV shows such as Chips, 7th Heaven, and Sam & Cat. Long time friend and costar Carol Penny Marshal who played Lavern also passed at the age of 75 in 2018. I loved Laverne & Shirley growing up. It was so funny and I would watch it every day after school. William’s was just great and she will be missed dearly, but her memory will live on through the characters she created over the years. RIP Cindy Williams.


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