Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m continuing our series featuring underappreciated G.I. Joe figures. Today’s figure is Headman. I think he gets a bad wrap because he is a Drug Kingpin, but then again the whole Cobra organization is a terrorist group determined to rule the world. That aside this is a cool looking figure. He has a 1920’s gangster feel to him. I think he would look great with a Tommy gun. For a kid in the nineties I think I would have thought this kid was cool. For a parent I maybe would have said drug kingpin what? But come on it was the nineties, there were still ash trays in Macdonald in the late nineties. As for someone collecting Joes I think this is a really nice looking figure. Who better for Joes to hunt down the a drug lord. I would say this is an under appreciated figure just for the cool factor. Not sure if Headman was ever in an animated series, but he may have been created more for the young adult audience anyways. You loves Headman? Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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