Skinny’s Top 10 Movies of 2015!


Here is a fun rundown of what I feel were the ten best movies of 2015

I have yet to see Antman and Inside Out so if you were surprised they were not included that is why. Avengers Age of Ultron was a decent movie but did not stand out enough to make the top ten. I would probably place it at number eleven, depending on where Antman and Inside Out fell.
So without further delay here are my picks ( as requested) for the top ten movies of 2015.

10. Pixels
A fun nostalgic romp for the Atari and arcade generation where video games come to life.

9. Tomorrowland
A movie that suffered from Pirates of the Caribbean Syndrome. Many thought that trying to turn another Disney ride into a movie was a mistake, however the movie had charm and I felt, was something worth viewing for its take on a possible future. I enjoyed it for what it was and was sad it did not garner more fans.

8. The Visit
What some felt was another bad M Knight Shyamalan movie, I thought was a good old fashioned twist movie from the guy who likes to throw you a twist. The scene where the kids show Mom their grandparents via skype is the key moment to the whole thing. Besides who uses the term “Pop Pop”?

7. Chappie
Panned for being too much like Short Circuit in places, I did enjoy the view into the South African rapper’s world, a world very different than downtown Manhattan or a Texas ranch. Forget that Chappie is a robot for a minute and enjoy this talented product of Yo Landi Visser and Neill Blomkamp.

6. Straight Outta Compton
A view into the crazy life of the musical group NWA and how they brought street sensibilities and problems with them into the recording industry, including rivalries that turn deadly.

5. Peanuts
Charles Schultz’s lovable characters being themselves, straight out of the newspaper funnies. Nothing too serious, just a nice story with of course a happy ending. Beautifully rendered and lovingly created.

4. Jurassic World
Bigger dinosaurs and friendly Velociraptors. Shades of Jaws where the beach was a fun place until the giant shark swims into the bay. Wild animals are wild animals kids, keep your hands in the vehicle at all times. Even when the dinos toss your vehicle off the main path. Also who will forget the importance of saving the Margaritas now? Nobody.

3. Star Wars The Force Awakens
The most anticipated movie of the year and another huge money maker. It introduced a great new cast of characters that unlike the prequels, actually have some charisma. It does suffer from re-cycled plot points and a heavy dose of homages, that in some cases do not make a whole lot of sense. For instance the two troopers talking about ships in the passages of the Death Star. It does however deliver what we expected but were not given in 1999 and that is the familiar Star Wars world we know and love. It is also the only movie I saw twice this year.

2. Hunger Games MockingJay
The final chapter in the Katniss story. The Girl on Fire leads us through one last mission to defeat President Snow and anyone else who stands in the way of a free Panem. Well paced, great effects and a great story tied together with characters we care about.

1. Mad Max Fury Road
Welcome back to the post apocalyptic Earth where evil rules and good people suffer. That is until Max falls into yet another town where things are even worse than the last town. The real hero of Fury Road is Imperator Furiosa. She had things well in hand way before Max arrived in town. A well choreographed chase movie and a showcase for some of the most creative vehicles in motion picture history, complete with a modern version of a fife and drum corps to provide a soundtrack for the delight of Immortan Joe.
There is a reason that you see Shiny and Chrome, cans of silver paint, and many admirers of Charlize Theron’s character at cons and this is it. Months before Star Wars, Mad Max showed us women can be the lead hero and packaged it in a crazy, familiar, yet new cinematic world. Fury Road has broken down more walls and opened up more roles for women characters to discover. Besides that, it was a whole lot of fun.

Did your favorite movie make our Top 10 List? Let us Know after the JUMP!


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