Star Wars Movie Realization Jango Fett, Darth Maul, Shadow Trooper Pre-Orders UP!

Tamashii Nations has opened up pre-orders for their upcoming Star Wars Movie Realization Jango FettDarth Maul, and Shadow Trooper. Check out the pre-order links as well as the photo gallery below and let us know if you will be picking one up AFTER THE JUMP!

The Ronin Jango Fett Movie Realization Figure is a repaint of the previously released Ronin Bob Fett. The figure includes different weapons however. The figure will include a jetpack, multiple interchangeable hands, a sword set and two pistols. the figure will stand a little under 7″ tall. It’s scheduled for release in October and will be priced at 9,504 Yen (about $86 USD).

The Oni Darth Maul Movie Realization Figure will include a few interchangeable hands and a dual bladed Naginata. The blade can be separated at the handles to form two separate swords. The figure also includes interchangeable head sculpts. Darth Maul will stand almost 7.5″ tall. The figure will be released in November. He is priced at 9,504 Yen (about $86 USD).

The Covert Shadow Trooper Movie Realization Figure is a black repaint of the Ashigaru Stormtrooper Figure. This figure will include a sword set, multiple interchangeable hands, a pistol and two kunai throwing daggers. The figure stands just under 7″ tall. It’s scheduled for release in December and will be priced at 8,856 Yen (about $80 USD).


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