Star Wars Vintage Ewok Village Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Hello everyone. Today I am going to discuss one of my favorite playsets when I was sets growing up, the Star Wars Ewok Village. I was able to find one recently in good shape plus I still have one of the trees from my original set as a kid. Endor was a major part of the original trilogy and there have been a bunch of ROTJ figures, vehicles, and play sets over the years.

I do have a bunch of figures such as Ewok’s, Endor soldiers, and too many Luke’s. Vehicles like the AT ST, skiff, and speeder bikes. Finally I have playsets like Jabba’s Palace, Sarlacc put, and this awesome Ewok village. As a kid the village had a bunch of play value. There are many cool working parts and can hold a lot of figures. As a collector this still holds as a great display and modern figures look really good with this set. Overall this is a nice piece to have and brings back fond memories from my childhood. Make sure to check back on my reviews and stories and sound off below and let us know if the Star Wars Ewok Village is one of your favorite collector pieces.


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