Superman & Lois 1×11 ‘A Brief Reminiscence Between Cataclysmic Events’ Details!

The CW has released the promo for the next new episode of Superman & Lois titled, ‘A Brief Reminiscence Between Cataclysmic Events‘! When Clark makes a startling discovery about Morgan Edge, it may change things in Smallville for good! Check out the promo and details below and share your thoughts. Superman & Lois airs Tuesday evenings on The CW!


Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) makes a startling discovery about Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner).

“Superman & Lois” stars Tyler Hoechlin as The Man of Steel aka Clark Kent, Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane, Jordan Elsass as Jonathan, Alexander Garfin as Jordan, Emmanuelle Chriqui as Lana Lang, Kyle Cushing as Erik Valdez, Dylan Walsh as General Samuel Lane, Inde Navarrette as Sarah.

The episode was directed by Gregory Smith and written by Brent Fletcher (#111).


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