Super7 Unleashes Nostalgia with New G.I. Joe O-Ring Style Figures!

We announced earlier this year that Super7 would be offering a new line of G.I. Joe figures coming in the fall of 2024 with the same body construction you remember from the G.I. Joe’s you played with in the 1980s. Now the first pre-production images of those figures are hitting the web, and the excitement is palpable. In these early images we see Tomax and Xamot in their classic cartoon business suits, and we get at look at Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, B.A.T. and Cover Girl, as she appeared in the classic G.I. Joe cartoon mini-series ‘The Mass Device‘. Do you plan on collecting these offerings when they become available this fall? Sound off in the comment section below and let us know!


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One Thought to “Super7 Unleashes Nostalgia with New G.I. Joe O-Ring Style Figures!”

  1. Sergio Garcia Garcia

    Hell yes I will be getting these this is why I passed on the first set that came out with limited articulation these o ring figures are what we wanted , as far as the 7 inch they have to re do those in 6 inch and with more articulation that is the key more articulation and they will sell .

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