Tommy Lee Jones Is Joining The ‘Bourne’ Franchise!

The news for the upcoming ‘Bourne‘ movie just keeps getting better and better. Getting Matt Damon back on board was amazing, but now Hollywood legend Tommy Lee Jones is signing on. Check out the details on this one below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: cinemablend) Variety reports that Tommy Lee Jones has joined the next Bourne adventure, co-starring alongside Matt Damon, who returns to the series after sitting out 2012’s The Bourne Legacy. The trade notes that Jones will play “a superior officer at the CIA,” which puts…

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Will Jeremy Renner Join Matt Damon for new Bourne Movie?

We recently learned that Matt Damon will be returning to play Jason Bourne in the Bourne movie franchise. But what will become of Jeremy Renner? Will they team up at all? Check out the latest on this below and let us know what you think AFTER THE JUMP! (Source: cinemablend) When news broke earlier this week that Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass are negotiating a possible return to the Bourne franchise, one of the biggest questions thrown into the air was in regard to the future of the wing…

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Matt Damon Returning to the ‘Bourne’ Movie Franchise?

I like many people love the new take on the Bourne Movie franchise with Jeremy Renner taking over for The Bourne Legacy. That said, I am sure absolutely nobody would complain if Matt Damon decided to return to the role that made him famous and do another Bourne movie. And, it looks like the negotiations have already started to make this happen. Get the Skinny on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: cinemablend) When Matt Damon decided to walk away from the Jason Bourne franchise, it…

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