ARROW Season #4 Episode #17 ‘Beacon of Hope ‘TONIGHT’!

On tonight’s episode of ‘Arrow‘ it looks like Oliver is going to feel a new sting, and this one may be worse than all of the snarky hateful stings that Felicity unleashed on him in last week’s episode. The team faces the threat of Brie Larvan once again, and this time she is after the bio tech chip that has given Felicity the ability to walk again. Check out the synopsis and promo’s below, and be sure and tune into the CW tonight at 7pm central for Arrow, ‘Beacon of…

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ARROW Season #4 Episode #16 ‘Beacon of Hope’ Photos UP!

You might say there is a lot of ‘Buzz’ surrounding this coming week’s new episode of ‘Arrow‘ titled, ‘Beacon of Hope‘. We will see the return of villain ‘Brie Larvan‘, or as some like to call her ‘The Bug Eyed Bandit‘. Also, from the promo photos released today for the episode it looks like ‘Mr Terrific‘ aka Curtis, is finally going to find out Oliver is the Arrow. Check out the photos and episode details below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP. Arrow, ‘Beacon of Hope‘, airs Wednesday March…

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