Cobra Recoiled Day 8 – with Skydive & Bucky!

Today we are bringing you Day #8 of Cobra Recoiled! This round features the fantastic work of customizers Bucky and Serpentorslair Customizer Skydive. First we have ‘Serpentra‘ by Bucky, followed up with Requiem by Skydive. Check out their amazing work, then make the JUMP to the forum and let both of these guys know how much we appreciate their great work!

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Is Falcon the New Captain America?

We were recently discussing here on the forum Bucky taking over the role of Captain America after Steve Rogers supposed death in the Marvel Comics. Now that Bucky is back to being The Winter Soldier it looks like Marvel is moving to have Falconwear the red white and blue rather than Steve Rogers. What do you think about this? Check out more on it below and let us know after the JUMP! (Source: newsarama) In a fresh press release and across the web, Marvel is asking “Who will be the next Captain America?” Now, we know Marvel Comics loves their teasers, but didn’t…

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Captain America’s Sebastian Stan has 9 Picture Deal?

In a recent interview Captain America: The Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan, who is actually portraying The Winter Soldier, revealed that he has a 9 picture deal with Disney and Marvel. Check out the great interview below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: newsarama) In Captain America The Winter Soldier, the Winter Soldier himself is less a man, and more a force of nature. The Soldier is silent, relentless, and driven. He’s also ably played by Sebastian Stan, a man who fits easily into the role. Stan played the Soldier’s alter ego, Bucky Barnes,…

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