Is Falcon the New Captain America?


We were recently discussing here on the forum Bucky taking over the role of Captain America after Steve Rogers supposed death in the Marvel Comics. Now that Bucky is back to being The Winter Soldier it looks like Marvel is moving to have Falconwear the red white and blue rather than Steve Rogers. What do you think about this? Check out more on it below and let us know after the JUMP!

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In a fresh press release and across the web, Marvel is asking “Who will be the next Captain America?” Now, we know Marvel Comics loves their teasers, but didn’t they already answer their own question, way back in May?

At the end of May 2014, Marvel released the cover to Avengers #35, which shows the Avengers lineup of the “8 months from now” world of “Time Runs Out.” The issue, intended to be a skip-ahead that is then built up to in the successive issues, fairly clearly shows the old man Steve Rogers that is now in Captain America (he had the Super Soldier drained from him, for those not in the know), and he’s standing next to the new Captain America. That new Cap has on Falcon’s goggles, has Falcon’s haircut, and appears to have dark skin, all along with a Captain America costume and shield.

Avengers #35 cover by Jim CheungPin It Avengers #35 cover by Jim Cheung
CREDIT: Marvel Comics
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So why the question? Well, it is the “8 months from now” lineup, so perhaps they’ll be dragging things out a bit, or, even crazier, actually having someone else take up the shield before Falcon, making them probably the shortest Captain America stint ever. Writer Rick Remender says in the press release that we’ll have “a number of characters in #23 who’ve been gone for a while” returning, possibly implying Sharon Carter and maybe even Cap’s adopted son Ian returning from Dimension Z where they were presumed dead. Could one of them hang onto the shield for a few months before Sam Wilson steps into the role?

Maybe, maybe not. But at some point, it sure looks like it’ll be Falcon-Cap, and Steve will be right there at his side. We’ll learn more in October’s Captain America #25 and maybe even before then in September’s Avengers #35.

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