Unearthing the Past: Exploring the Jurassic Inspirations in G.I. Joe’s ‘Primordial Plot

Welcome to The Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at the 1985 G.I. Joe Cartoon episode 42, “Primordial Plot”. This is the episode where Cobra Commander steals dinosaur bones from a dig site and then proceeds to snag Dr. Massey who just cloned a snake. Cobra Commander wants Massey to clone him his own personal army of dinosaurs. They go to a remote hidden island to test and see if dinosaurs can be cloned. So this is an interesting episode and could have very well been the inspiration for the…

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G.I.Joe Half The Battle 

Top 5 Worst G.I. Joe Cartoon Innovations: A Retrospective Review on Half The Battle

On this week’s episode of Half The Battle, I take a look back at the 5 worst G.I. Joe Cartoon innovations. Be sure and join in the conversation in the comments below. And as always be sure and like share and subscribe to my YouTube channel if that’s your thing!

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Serpentor's Lair