Which G.I.Joe Vehicles do ‘YOU’ Want To See Released in 2021? Story By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today we are getting into 2021 G.I.Joe vehicles. So far we have been teased with a sub-par redesigned Cobra Fang. For what I have seen so far on reviews is this comes with a cheap figure that is easily broken and a new design that well looks cool but I would like to get one in hand to see for myself. This one is proving to be as difficult to find as the Retro and 6 inch figures. I’m not sure if there are any other vehicles in the…

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THE POP EXPOSE ‘G.I.Joe Winter Vehicles’ by Mitchell Smith!

GI Joe has had many great winter vehicles and figures since 1982, but there are 4 that stand out above the rest and have been a staple in the franchise. These are my top 4 in order of year. The Polar Battle Bear came out in 1983. This was a small vehicle that packed a lot of action in one vehicle. It would hold 3 figures and had a front cannon. The cartoon featured this vehicle many times so it was an easy sell in stores.  The Snow Cat came out in 1985 and had…

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THE POP-EXPOSE ‘G.I.Joe Small Playsets’ by Mitchell Smith!

In the early days of GI Joe, they put out a lot of compact play sets and vehicles. Compact didn’t mean boring though. The large play sets and vehicles were awesome, but for most families room and money were a big issue so there was a great deal of thought that went into the small ones as well. Most if not all the small play sets and vehicles were pretty awesome in the 80’s. Starting in 1982 the Ram and MMS were compact but both packed a huge punch and are…

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