THE POP EXPOSE ‘G.I.Joe Winter Vehicles’ by Mitchell Smith!

GI Joe has had many great winter vehicles and figures since 1982, but there are 4 that stand out above the rest and have been a staple in the franchise. These are my top 4 in order of year.

The Polar Battle Bear came out in 1983. This was a small vehicle that packed a lot of action in one vehicle. It would hold 3 figures and had a front cannon. The cartoon featured this vehicle many times so it was an easy sell in stores. 

The Snow Cat came out in 1985 and had many great features. It’s a midsized vehicle so this was one everyone would have room to store. It came with one of my all time favorite figures Frostbite. This became the staple vehicle in the winter battles in the cartoon so it was very popular, but once you owned one you saw just how cool this vehicle was from the removable ski missiles to the moving windshield wiper. There were several pegs on the sides and back so this could be loaded up for transport.

The Cobra Wolf was an instant hit in 1987. Most Joe fans owned a Snow Cat so the Wolf was just a vehicle you needed to own to set up a winter battle. It had some nice features and came with the Ice Viper. This vehicle also features ski missiles so it just set up an instant classic battle when you squared it up with the Snow Cat

The Avalanche was introduced in 1990 and is the biggest winter vehicle in the Joe lineup. It came with the figure Cold Front and had many moving parts and cool features. Among the projectile missile, this also had a firing mechanism that would shoot mines across the room. There was also a removable attack craft vehicle that detached from the back to create some extra fire power if the Avalanche came under fire from the rear. Although this was a 2 person vehicle all the removable and moving parts made this vehicle awesome.

Over all these vehicles created hours of fun for millions of kids across the globe and are still a very popular item for any collector. Which G.I.Joe winter vehicle is your favorite? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!


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