In this week’s G.I. Joe ‘Inside the Filecards‘, I’m Skipping around and going straight to the Crimson Guards. They are “Cobra Elite Troopers” with a PMS of “Undercover Espionage” and SMS of “Accounting”. Their filecard describes them as the “elite shock troopers” of the Cobra legions and later states that they are “too precious to be wasted on the conventional battlefield”. So basically their filecard contradicts itself. Shock troopers by definition are the “door kickers” and the first in a battle. They rely on violence of action to get the…

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G.I. Joe Classified 

G.I.Joe Classified ‘Gung Ho’ Review by Yorktownjoe!

There are lots of reviews of the 2020 G.I. Joe Classified series available. This is just a brief overview that may help answer some of your questions. If you have more questions, post them in this thread, and I’ll do my best to respond and add a picture if it is helpful. First off, here is my Gung Ho, still in his package. And if you want to leave him in there to keep him safe, that is perfectly fine. I photograph figures in action, so I’ll show a few…

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G.I.Joe: Half The Battle with ‘Foreign Filecard Fun’ Featuring ‘Jinx and Gung-Ho’!

This week on an all new episode of G.I.Joe: Half The Battle, its time for more ‘Foreign Filecard Fun‘, as we take a look at the foreign filecard’s of the G.I.Joe characters, ‘Jinx‘ and ‘Gung-Ho‘. Check out this week’s episode in the player below, and then make the JUMP to the forum and join in the conversation!  

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G.I.Joe FSS 5.0 ‘Goucho’ Revealed!

The next reveal in the G.I.Joe FSS is international character, ‘Goucho‘. Goucho looks to be a straight up repaint of your favorite Marine, ‘Gung Ho‘. Goucho was originally part of the international team, ‘Z-Force‘. Are you stoked about this offering. Make the JUMP to the forum and let us know.

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“September” Serpentorslair Hall of Fame Custom’s Contest Winner!

You the Community have voted and the winner for Best Figure in the September Serpentorslair Hall of Fame Custom’s Contest is LOWLIGHT27 for his custom Gung Ho Figure! Be sure and make the JUMP and congratulate LOWLIGHT27 on his great work. And special thanks this month to our new sponsor for the contest Taterbot Casting!

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