Happy 76th Birthday to Acting Legend Lee Majors!

One of the most iconic Television actors of all time Lee Majors turns 76 today. While many of us know him from ‘The Million Dollar Man‘ as well as ‘The Fall Guy‘, don’t forget he also is the voice of ‘General Hawk‘ in the G.I.Joe series ‘G.I.Joe Renegades‘. Check the highlights of Lee Majors Career below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: biography.com) Happy birthday to the Six Million Dollar Man! Lee Majors turns 75 today, and if you only think of him as bionic astronaut Steve Austin…

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Mark Wahlberg to Star in ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’?

Rumor out today is that Transformers: Age of Extinction Star Mark Wahlberg is on the running for the roll of The Six Million Dollar Man. If you are not familiar with the character, The Six Million Dollar Man was original portrayed by Hollywood Icon Lee Majors in an ongoing Television Series that ran in the 1970’s. For more on this story check out the news below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: comicbookmovie.com) Over the past couple decades, there’s been several attempts to adapt The Six Million Dollar Man into a feature-length film. As recently as 2011,…

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