Men in Black 4 to Have a Female Lead!

It looks like the next installment in the Men in Black movie franchise is going to go in a bit of a different direction. Think the New Ghostbusters! In the latest on the film courtesy of, it has been revealed that Men in Black 4 is going to be centered around a female lead. Check out the details below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! Speaking with the BBC’s Newsbeat (via /Film), Men in Black producer Laurie MacDonald revealed that the upcoming revival of the series will feature…

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Men In Black 4 In The Works!

Sony Pictures has just hired Hollywood writer Oren Uziel(Mortal Kombat: Rebirth,The Kitchen Sink) to begin the script for both 21 Jump Street 2 and Men In Black 4. Men In Black 3 pulled in last year at the box office $624 million worldwide. Considering that fans waited 15 years for the last sequel, it is still a bit surprising that we will be getting a fourth Men In Black film so soon. Since both Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are not getting any younger,you will not hear any complaints…

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