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“The Controversy: Why Chris Evans’ Captain America Trumps Anthony Mackie’s Legacy”!

In the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Captain America holds a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide. Chris Evans’ portrayal of Steve Rogers, the first Avenger, was nothing short of iconic. As a result, the shield has been passed, and Anthony Mackie now takes on the mantle of Captain America as Sam Wilson in MCU Phase 4. While both actors bring unique qualities to their roles, it’s time to address the controversy and make a case for why Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers is superior to Anthony Mackie’s Sam…

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Marvel’s ‘SECRET INVASION’ First Trailer Released!

During this weekend’s D23 Marvel Studios released the first trailer for their upcoming show ‘Secret Invasion‘! The new show, which will stream on Disney Plus, kicks off with Nick Fury returning to Earth and ends with what may be an imposter of the former S.H.I.E.L.D. Check out more and the trailer below and let us know if you will be watching. Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’ is set to debut in 2023! The story involves a subversive, long-term invasion of Earth by the Skrulls, a group of alien shapeshifters who have secretly replaced many superheroes in the Marvel…

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