G.I.Joe ‘Eco Warriors’ Story By Mitchell Smith!

The Eco Warriors are a G.I. Joe sub group created in 1991. I believe the idea was about the battle against bio hazard sludge dumped by factories, which was portrayed by the main Villain Cesspool, who was inadvertently knocked into his own vat of sludge that he intended to use for good, but he was mildly deformed and turned to evil. Flint was the Eco leader and Ozone and Clean Sweep were two original characters created for the 91 lineup. I like the concept and design for these 3 characters.…

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2014 Joecon Convention set Reveal ‘Toxo Viper’ today!

Clearly waiting till close to the end to reveal what is going to be the hottest figure of the set, the G.I.Joe Collectors Club has revealed the Cobra Hostile Environment Trooper ‘Toxo Viper‘ today. This will be part of the 2014 Joecon exclusive set. Let us know what you think about it after the JUMP!   COBRA HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT TROOPERS: TOXO-VIPERS – 25th Anniversary Modern Style/Fully Poseable Action Figure – Based on the 1991 Cobra Toxo-Viper (V2) Design – Features a NEW and Removable Protective Helmet – Box Set contains…

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