Hasbro Transformers Photo Gallery at Toy Fair 2015!

Today we have a full look at the large number of Transformers Figures that were shown at this year’s Toy Fair. Included are the figures themed for the upcoming ‘Transformers: Robots in Disguise’ TV show as well as the highly anticipated Transformers Combiner Wars Figures. Check out the images below and share your thoughts on them after the JUMP! (Source: photos by Collider.com)  

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Robots In Disguise 2015 Confirmed 26 Episode First Season!

If you are really excited for an all new Transformers Cartoon to hit the air, no worries, it looks like the new Series, ‘Robots in Disguise‘ is getting 26 episodes for the first season, and not only that but production on Season 2 has already begun. Get all the info on this below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! (Source: tformers) We have some new details confirmed for the soon to debut Robots in Disguise cartoon. From an interview conducted by unicron.com, Jeff Kline has revealed information about the…

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Transformers ‘Robots in Disguise’ 2015 First Video Clip!

We now have a clip from the first completed episode of the brand new Transformers:Robots in Disguise cartoon series. Do you think this will live up to the excellence of Transformers:Prime? Check out the clip below and share your opinion after the JUMP! (Source: TFORMERS.COM) The first video clip of a finished episode of 2015’s Robots in Disguise series has surfaced via a brief rip from one of the Chinese-dubbed episodes available for streaming on a paid video website. The opening scene of the episode features Drift fighting one of…

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