X-Transbots MX-II Andras & Rimfire ‘Unofficial Scourge’!

Are you ready to add a Masterpiece scale G1 style ‘Scourge‘ to your Transformers Collection? X-Transbots has you covered with their new Third Party TransformersOffering. Today we have a full gallery of images of X-Transbots Andras & Rimfire or ‘Unofficial Scourge‘. Check out all the images below, and let us know what you think of this offering AFTER THE JUMP! (Source: TFormers.com)

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X-Transbots Ollie Images ‘Not G1 Wheelie ‘ Check them out!

Today we have a look at the new ‘Ollie‘ figure from X-Transbots. This is only a prototype, but if you love G1 Transformers Wheelie, you will be very interested in seeing the finished product for this offering. Check out the details below and let us know what you think after the JUMP! (Source: tformers.com) X-Transbots have released a new prototype image for their Ollie action figure that pays home to the G1 Wheelie character. Get a look at the first of the prototype pahse looks showing the figure’s robot mode in the…

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X-Transbots new Ollie “Not Wheelie” Figure Preview!

If you are looking for a great Third Party Transformers Wheelie figure to add to your collection, check out the new Ollie Figure from X-Transbots! This is looking to be a fantastic homage to G1 Wheelie. Check it out below and share your thoughts after the JUMP! (Source: tformers.com) Third party toy makers X-Transbots have released updated their official site with new images and details for their Ollie action figure that that pays homage to the G1 Wheelie character. The figure that will be part of the Master Mini Series IV is 4.64 inches tall and will…

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