TFC Toys Wings Of Uranos Combiner “Not Superion” Teaser Pic!


Today we have a look at a stellar new Third Party Transformer that is coming “Wings of Uranos” from TFC Toys, which is an homage to the Transformers G1 Superion. Check out the teaser image below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!



The upgrade package to give the Uranos (not-Superion) combiner from TFC an appearance more in line with the classic look may be getting close to being released. TFC has posted a photo showing full color parts from the Wings set applied to Uranos, giving it a new chest plate, waist armor, rifle and modifying the head to a faceplated appearance. Not shown are the small weapon add ons for the individual team members, but they have shown what most would probably consider important from this kit.


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