THE POP EXPOSE ‘6″ Marvel and DC Figures’ by Mitchell Smith!

The 6 inch figures seem to be dominating the Marvel and DC franchises lately. Most are retailing around $20.00, but if you hold off long enough you might be able to find some good grabs in the $5.00-$9.00 range. These figures are really cool and a lot of the figures have been in a build a figure pack, which has been a great pull if you can get all the pieces to build the extra figure. 

I was able to find a couple nice figures on clearance such as Black Panther, Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon, which all turned out to be pretty cool figures. I’m hoping to get my hands on a Batman or a Wonder Woman if the price comes down. These are really nice figures. I love the 6 inch style and I hope that these stay around for a while so I can collect some without breaking the bank. Do you collect 6″ Marvel Legends or DC Multiverse figures? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

If you would like to order some for yourself just follow the links below and pick some up!


Black Panther Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1 – Free Shipping


DC Multiverse Suicide Squad 6-Inch Figure Wave 2 Case – Free Shipping

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