The POP-EXPOSE ‘Being Thankful’ by Mitchell Smith!


The POP-EXPOSE – ‘Being Thankful’ by Mitchell Smith

Turkey day is ever so close. This will be my 40th Thanksgiving, but I don’t remember the first few. Many traditions have been followed over the years, and there have been many stages over 4 decades for me. My table has grown and shrunk. Over the course of those years I have become more thankful each year of the people who are still at the table, as I think about the people who are not there any longer. Many of those who once cooked, ate, and laughed among us, have now left my table and I hold onto as much as I can remember and try to create something new for my children to hold onto when it is my turn to leave the table.

Growing up I was the middle child of 5 and we were not a big sit down family for dinner. So Thanksgiving was special because this was one of the few times we would all sit to eat. As my siblings and I got older we would eat and then go out to party, and I think the true meaning of Thanksgiving was lost in my teen and early twenties. Then I settled down and got married. My wife’s family was more traditional sit down and combined family dinner, there would be 15-20 people some years. It was all about eating and playing games, and lounging around with loved ones, everyone pitched in and made something to bring to the table. It was a lot of fun getting people together.

Over the past few years my table has dwindled, but I am thankful to have met each and everyone who came to the table for Thanksgiving dinner. Some were admired and some were despised, but never the less they all helped shape me into who I am today. This year the amount of people may be smaller, but my heart is much bigger. So everyone no matter where you may be or who you may be with this holiday season, be thankful for the people around you, because most everything else is pretty much irrelevant.

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