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I grew up with the Muppets and Jim Henson and all the Holiday specials and I have been talking all week around the water cooler about Turkey Hollow.

Sadly, this will not be a repeat view for me.

I loved the idea. It smacked of all the great Henson movies in the trailers. Odd creatures, humans on adventures, and Henson charm.

It was instead, a preachy, at sometimes dirty, over the top, and yes unoriginal tale.
It had original characters but the writers doomed this script when all they could do was make pop references, and do so badly.

Maybe they realized that they had pretty much written a Scooby Doo episode and so they said why not add the infamous line? Except that in this case the villains were after Aunt Cly’s farm but they were not wearing masks or creating monsters. It even had a despicable lawyer.

I did not know Ludacris was the Narrator, but instead of adding to the tale, as in Muppet Christmas Carol did with Gonzo and Rizzo, it was pretty jarring. They stuck him in the middle of the forrest with a drum set? I did like the betting scene with Burble.

I also thought Mary Steenburgen would be a good addition to the cast. Her character was so wooden and cold though. She was like the serious tour guide throughout the whole thing and I know she can play charming, just look at her role in Back to the Future as Clara.

I think the worst part of all with this movie was not the horny slips of the tongue by the Sheriff, it was not the blatant political messages. I mean Henson himself had certain messages he put in the muppets and the muppet movies about his views but at least they were subtle.

No the worst part of this was that it was written not for kids but talking down to kids. I hate when a script is dumbed down so kids can understand it. Many writers don’t give kids the benefit of a doubt and think they have to either simplify or explain everything.
So you wind up with bumbling villains who you know are going to wind up hitting themselves with cattle prods the second they start talking about them, kids who don’t act much like kids as they do props, ( sorry guys nothing against your acting skills) and a forced plot driven tale.
We needed more time with the monsters, they needed more screen time. If we have a muppet movie we need muppets.
We also need muppets who do more than speak one word and combine to be one big muppet.
Those are gags that are good for a five minute scene in a bigger movie but they don’t carry a full feature very well.
I really wish we would have gotten to known those four a lot better.


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