The POP-EXPOSE Critiquing Viral Video ‘Too Many Cooks’!


First, the video:
WARNING it is 11 minutes long so don’t start it before you have to go walk the dog, clean the dryer lint trap, or change a faulty electrical outlet.

Here is an article with some behind the scenes insights. … -viral-hit

Michael Kohler: I can tell you that as soon as I read Casper’s lyric, “too many cooks,” I began to sing it the way you hear it now in the show. It just happened, and I couldn’t stop singing it to myself for weeks. The rest of the basic song popped into my head while in the shower, and I sang it into my iPhone so I wouldn’t forget it before I had a chance to lay it down at the studio. The funny thing is, I just read in one of Casper’s interviews that “Too Many Cooks” was a shower idea for him originally. I had no idea. Maybe there is something to that.

I first saw the video a few days ago, someone posted it on a message board because at the 2 or 3 minute mark, it goes into Sunbow territory.
The song is intoxicating and you will have it stuck in your head for a week or two guaranteed.
I am no fan of 99 percent of Adult Swim programming and this is typical AS fare.The concept is simple, too many cooks, a take on Eight is Enough multiplied exponentially. As with many SNL skits it is based on repetition, something I find annoying. There is a bizarre turn when a character who reminds me of George Buza, who played Mean Gene in Meatballs 3 starts to show up in all the places where there are “too many cooks” the character is so obsessed with the cooks that he takes their place.

So besides the catchy tune and the bizarre theme of the video, why in the world has this gone viral?
Is it because there is a section in there that appeals to everyone? Is it because it is so strange that everyone says to their pals, pssst you gotta see this! nearly 3 million hits in a week.
I know I know, if we all knew what made a video go viral then we would be grinding out our own.

So do you like it?
Do you think it is the best short ever?
Do you hate it?
Could care less?
Are repulsed by it?
Are offended by it?
Want to share it with everyone you know?


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