My Shocking opinions on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Movie and Guardians Of The Galaxy!


Shockingly enough I had not had the opportunity to see either the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Guardians Of The Galaxy movies until last night. I went into both viewings with very high expectations. Having read just about everything that has been written online about both you would think i would have been biased, but really it did not affect my opinion going in.

First TMNT, which, if you went by the pre-movie talk and much of the post movie talk, was going to be a total stink fest. But, as much as a loath Michael Bay his formula movie making actually enhanced the characters for this movie. I think what this movie did was make all of our childhood dreams come true as to how our favorite hero’s in a half shell could appear on the big screen. And, shockingly the tweaks to the origins of the turtles were not irritating or overblown. I actually thought the origin made more sense than the original toon origin. And Will Arnett who was Vern Fenwick was spot on with the character, which made the movie even that much more sweet. From the homage scene with the turtles flying off of the building to the rap in the elevator, this was everything i hoped a new TMNT movie would be. Sadly this movie was so lampooned by the bad word of mouth I think it seriously hurt how big a hit it ended up being. Part of that was the fault of the movie producers who refused to debunk a lot of the online rumors about the turtles being aliens and other nonsense.

Here is the Shocking Part, I enjoyed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles more than Guardians of The Galaxy!

Going in to Guardians of The Galaxy, I had no knowledge of the characters. Outside of the Nova Corps, I knew nothing about any of these people. This was good in that In the back if my mind i did not know if they were messing something up or going in the right direction. I was immediately drawn to the back story of Gamora and the relationship between her and Starlord which i had hoped would turn more romantic than it did. Starlord’s tape deck was a fantastic plot device, and a great way to suck in people who love nostalgia. Groot was also a fantastic character. At first i thought he was simply going to be a ‘Chewbacca’ knock off, but he is a lot deeper than that. For me the movie did suffer from two things. First, the huge buildup for Thanos was a massive let down, in that he barely appeared in the movie, and was not a major player. Second, We didn’t really get to see the Nova Corps in action. Overall i thought this was a great movie, but, it is nowhere near as great as Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I think what made Guardians of The Galaxy so big was the online word of mouth as well as the fact that it had very sparse competition when it was originally released. Would I be very excited about a sequel? I would say yes. Although I would hope the sequel would have a major player involved that we as comic fans are more familiar with. If it is going to be Thanos, make it worth our time!

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