The POP-EXPOSE ‘Dennis Rodman’ By Mitchell Smith!

Dennis Rodman has been in the spotlight in recent years. Most may remember him from his wild days with the Chicago Bulls. Dennis has always been a unique individual. He has become very popular in my world and I’ve been tracking down some good stuff from him. Dennis was a large part of The Last Dance documentary and I have found several interesting interviews of him over the years. Recently there was an ESPN 30 for 30 film done on Dennis and although I have not watched this yet I can’t wait. Dennis grew up in the projects. Drug dealing, guns, and crime were just a normal part of life. Dennis who grew a bit taller then most in his area stayed on a straight path and eventually was noticed and asked to join a college Basketball team because of his height. This is something that might not happen this day in age. Dennis was given a shot at something better than a thugs life and he turned it into gold.

Dennis wasn’t afraid to be different. He is known as the best rebounder in Professional Basketball and he made a good living on doing it winning 3 championships with the Bulls and 2 with the Detroit Pistons. I have recently been listening to some podcasts and some recent interviews of Dennis. His podcasts are a bit out there but entertaining. I think watching his raw emotions on some recent interviews talking about his childhood and some of the extreme situations he faced as a kid and some of the will power he showed to not fall into the trap and a normal life style of gangs and drugs where he grew up. Dennis is some kind of different, but he is really down to earth if you listen to what he says. If you have not checked out some of his recent stuff make sure to do so, it is very interesting. Were you a fan of Dennis Rodman as a player? Sound off and let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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