G.I.Joe ‘1993 Vehicles’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. This week we are talking 1993 G.I.Joe vehicles. The 90’s vehicles were very different from the 80s, but there were still some nice unique vehicles that came out. The Ghoststriker X-16 is a really cool jet and it is one I have never had but I have been looking for an affordable one for years. The Shark 9000 is a vehicle I have and I love this one. It may not be a Killer Whale but this one is still fairly large and has as much play value as the Whale. If you have never had one of these and you enjoy the Whale it is definitely worth looking into getting one. The Mudbuster is a cool jeep/truck. I have 2 of these and they are pretty nice in hand. The Detonator is another vehicle I got in a collection I bought years ago and this one is pretty good sized.

It is a cool vehicle but I think it needed to carry more figures or have more working parts, it just seems too big for what it does. The Ice Snake is another one I have. It Is a cool little vehicle, maybe not a Wolf or Ice Saber but I nice winter vehicle. The Monster A.P.C. is a bright green but the vehicle is pretty cool. I do have one of these, but I have not set it up. The Battle Ax and The Pile Driver are similar vehicles. I have 1 or both of these, very confusing to figure out. The Ninja Lightening is an interesting bike. I’ll take a Ram please. It does have a wind up feature so it can go on its own. I guess that makes it cool. The Starfighter is one I have. I love this small one man spaceship. I think there should have been more smaller spaceships with unique designs.

The Invader was a reused 1987 vehicle. Well was the Pogo Ball ever popular? I guess this is a cool Space vehicle, kind of a lunar module, maybe this one is cool after all, it makes more sense then the original Pogo Ball. The Armor-Bot was one I had to look up on YouTube. This is a very large vehicle, and although it looks pretty cool, I don’t think this is anything I will be chasing down. The Beast Blaster is a slightly modified Thunder Machine painted to go with the Street Fighter line. I love the Thunder Machine and I actually have this Beast Blaster version and it is a pretty awesome vehicle. The Crimson Cruiser is one I have had for a while and I didn’t think it was all that cool until I recently found the original Badger and I have new respect for this vehicle, This one is actually pretty badass. The Sonic Boom Tank is another repainted tank for the Street Fighter line, I don’t have this one or the original Paralyzer Tank, but I think both of these look kind of cool especially if you’re a die hard eighties fan looking for a 1980 feel on a 1990 vehicle. I think the Sonic Boom is one that fits right in with the 80s vehicles. The Dragon Fortress is a cool little Street Fighter base. I don’t have one of these but I think this one would be a really cool set to have that could double as an Arashikage Fortress. Hint, Hint, wink, wink, for the upcoming Snake Eyes movie, probably won’t happen but it would be cool. Last up for 1993 is the Dino-Hunter set. Jurassic Park was a huge hit this year so it wasn’t a wonder why the Dino set came out.

The re-painted Desert Fox is cool and the Ambush and Low-Light figures look pretty nice. Oh it also came with a dinosaur but after seeing the new Jurassic Park dinosaurs I’m not sure this one looks all that cool. Over all I think 1993 was a pretty great year for figures and vehicles. I probably would not have tracked down a lot of these vehicles so I’m happy I got a bunch in the collection I bought. Which 1993 vehicle is your favorite? How many did you have from this year? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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