The POP EXPOSE ‘Dragonfly vs. Dragonhawk’ By Mitchell Smith!

The 1983 Dragonfly was and still is one of the coolest G.I. Joe vehicles of all time. This attack helicopter could hold the pilot Wild Bill equipped with his signature Calvary Hat. There was also room for a co pilot to operate the front cannon, side gun and maybe the tow cable that could lower to pick up supplies or stranded Joe’s. There were also foot pegs on either side for a Joe to ride on. The coolest feature though was the mechanism for the rotor blades that could be activated for a realistic looking flying helicopter. This retailed at $8.99 back in the day, which was a pretty hefty charge in 1983, but it was well worth the price to see the smile on your kids face if they got one of these for Christmas or a birthday.

I loved this one as a kid and even as a collector having a few of these never hurts, they are cool and even if they are missing parts they display very well. It was a huge part of the cartoon, the comics, and it was a huge part of my childhood and I’m sure many other’s as well. Fast forward to 2009 and the Dragonhawk. Not exactly an upgrade but somewhat of a modern version to the Dragonfly. This comes with Wild Bill and his signature Cavalry hat which is removable so that was a nice upgrade to the figure. I like this version of Wild Bill, and I do like the Dragonhawk. Although it is a one seater it still has some cool features such as the side stabilizers and the 4 rotor blades. It has a nice look to it, but I’m not sure if there will be any middle aged men in 2045 writing about how the Dragonhawk was a huge part of their childhood.

I think the modern Joe’s will not have the same effect on our kids as it had on all of us in the 80’s. We grew up in the best era and we had the coolest toys, even know I love a lot of the new Vehicles and figures, the vintage stuff will never be touched because of the influence it had on all of us growing up. I will always have a special spot in my heart for the vintage G.I. Joe’s.

Which do you like better the Dragonfly or Dragonhawk? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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