The POP EXPOSE ‘Drew Brees’ By Mitchell Smith!

Drew Brees was born in January of 1979. Brees was born in Austin Texas and started playing tackle football in high school. He Quarterbacked at Purdue where he left as one of the school’s top players. He was a second round draft pick to the San Diego Chargers in 2001 and was picked up by the Saints in 2006 after and injury and the Chargers releasing him. The Saints were looking for someone to turn their team in to a competitive team. 

The city was looking for a hero and Brees came in and turned the team around and lead them to a Super Bowl win. Brees has quietly broke many records including the all time passing yardage record he broke last week by passing Brett Favre and Peyton Manning. It was a very emotional moment for the NFL as play stopped for a few minutes as Brees got the game ball and had time to shake a couple hands, and embrace a few teammates, coaches, and his family. With all the buzz these days swarming the NFL it was a magic moment to see that most of these players are not so different then you or I.

He is a father, a husband, a son, and a standout person in the community. It was special to see Drew break this record and to see how much he appreciated the fans, his teammates, and I felt most of all his children. It was nice and I hope he stays healthy to keep on setting records.

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  1. Earl Colomb IV

    Biggggg fan of him! I don’t believe in alot of heroes but he is one to me. Love watching him play and love the fact that he is not arrogant about his talent and skill. The Monday Night game and him breaking those records were fantastic.

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