Hello everyone, Tom Brady is one of the most accomplished NFL quarterbacks, many consider him the goat, perhaps he is, but many still choose to hate his success over the last 20 + years. Todays young quarterbacks have talent that seem almost nonhuman, with abilities like Patrick Mahomes’ no look pass to Josh Allen’s hurdling other players. Over the past 40 years I have watched many quarterbacks who were maybe not always great but were fun to watch. Joe Montana was one of the first quarterbacks I enjoyed watching. He was just always so calm under pressure and found a way to win.

Steve young took over the Niners and he was interesting because he was left handed and there weren’t a lot of left handed quarterbacks in the league. Drew Bledsoe was another one of my favorite quarterbacks growing up. He is the only quarterback in the NFL that I got an autograph from. Needless to say I used him a lot on Madden 97. Other quarterbacks that are just fun to watch include Warren Moon who came over to the NFL from the CFL, Brett Favre who would sacrifice his body at any given moment, and Daunte Culpepper who was a beast on the field and it was fun watching the other team try to bring him down.

There have been so many great quarterbacks over the years and I could talk for hours upon hours about so many of them. Who are some of your favorite quarterbacks over the past few decades?


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