The POP-EXPOSE ‘G.I.Joe 1985’!

Story By Mitchell Smith

G.I. Joe 1985

The Year 1985 launched a massive toy line into my life, a creative T.V. Series, and like me, many kids were over joyed on Christmas day. There are many years of G.I.Joe before and after 1985 that were great, but this was one of my favorite years. Dreadnoks, Lady Jaye, Flint, and the Crimson Twins were just a few of my favorites, as well as a revamped Snake Eyes. The A.W.E Striker, Moray, and perhaps the holy Grail of G.I. Joe vehicles/playsets the U.S.S Flagg were all created in 1985.
I’m only missing a couple figures and vehicle from 1985. Lady Jaye and the Flagg are my 2 most wanted.

The Bridge Layer is one of those great vehicles that doesn’t get talked about a lot. When you’re pulling up to a bridge that has been blown up where would we be without Toll Booth to lay down a temporary way to get across to the other side? The Snow Cat and Frostbite were needed for that winter battle and they have been reproduced and used time and time again. What can I say about the Ferret. An ATV that was a staple vehicle for quick maneuvering for Cobra. The Mauler was a rough and tough tank that could handle any Cobra attack. One of my favorite lesser known or at least spoke of pieces is the Joe Check Point Alpha, A simple nice easy set up, but a cool little piece.

There was also a nice chemistry set up in the cartoon between characters such as Footloose and Dusty. Then what can I say about Shipwreck the cocky sailor who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind or put everything on the line for his teammates. I won’t go into detail but it was a great year with the creation of Airtight, Alpine, Barbecue, Bazooka, Quick Kick, and on the Cobra side, Eels, Crimson Guard, Snow Serpents, Lampreys and Tele-Vipers. I don’t want to leave anyone out so the rest of the characters Crankcase, Heavy Metal and Keel Haul, (think I got them all), were all created and played major rolls in the animated series. Back in a day when I looked forward to getting home from school every day to watch. Perhaps a simpler time when the creativity was poured into each and every character and vehicle.

I had countless hours of play with the Crimson Twins. As a 10 year old this was my favorite year and some of my best memories as a child came from G.I. Joe. I often thought about the Flagg as a child and as an adult, I have never seen one in person, and I hope some day I will see one in my basement, but till then I will just have to keep imagining it.

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