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Adam Sandler does one thing very well. He takes the eighties and turns them into some of the greatest nostalgia trips a person could ask for. This movie focuses on one of the best parts of the eighties,’Video Games‘. Having seen a few video game documentaries, OK more than a few, Sandler did his homework. Well actually Tim Herlihy did.

Bringing that culture to life sprinkled with a few eighties songs and wistful memories of the decade is what this movie does well. I think they could have done a better job on Qbert. Then again this is not actually Qbert, it is an extraterrestrial designed to look like Qbert. It was great seeing Jane Krakowski again.
In fact there are a few cameos in here that were superb. Sean Bean in London was a riot, as was seeing Dan Aykroyd. Seeing these four heroes as kids in a 1982 setting was great, the set design was like looking at a photograph from 1982 complete with ringer tees and bad hair.

Josh Gad, barking at a bunch of Navy SEALS was priceless.You will see the whole Sandler family and you can tell they were enjoying the roles they played.
A galactic misunderstanding leads to a series of challenges and a whole lot of computer generated classic arcade characters. The main games are represented here but you will also see video game cameos in the final battle.

There are many seeds planted that lead to things that happen later on, so pay close attention to what people say and do. If you are an eighties fan and also a classic arcade and video game buff, you are going to like this movie.

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