THE POP EXPOSE ‘G.I.Joe 2004’ By Mitchell Smith!

2004 was a great year for me. I was celebrating 5 years at my current job, my wife and had our first child, and although I was still a few years away from becoming a collector, G.I. Joe put out a killer line up of Joes. There were some nice new characters, some cool comic packs and some awesome sub teams. I have a handful of figures from 2004 but I’m working on getting a bunch more from this year. Some of my favorite new figures from this year include, Hard Drive who I think fell into the background and wasn’t given enough credit as a computer guy, Hi-Tech who stole most of that credit became a fan favorite and is one of my favorite characters, and Coil Crusher that came with one of my favorite versions of Wild Bill, I mostly love the revolvers he comes with. 

There was some nice comic packs in 2004 as well. The Scarlett, Snake Eyes, and Kwinn 3 pack topped the list. 3 of my favorite versions of each character. There was also the General Flagg, Steeler, and Cobra trooper which I believe was the model for the modern Dollar General release Cobra Trooper that was a pretty cool version of the Cobra Trooper. There was also the 3 pack with Grunt, Snake Eyes, and Zap where Zap got a really nice updated version of his Original Cartoon character. 

There were also a number of cool sub groups this year, there was a Night Force set that had some cool figures plus an original Action Man. The Ninja Cobra Strike Force was another cool sub group with Black Dragon Ninja and a couple cool versions of Vipra. Last but not least the Anti Venom Task Force is a set I do own and this was a pretty nice set with each figure having a removable helmet and some decent accessories. This year had a nice balance of the newer O-ring style Joes mixed with classic O-ring style. Various comic packs and sub groups made this an awesome year. I look forward to picking up some more figures from this year especially the comic pack characters.

Are you a fan of collecting G.I.Joe figures from 2004? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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