The POP-EXPOSE ‘G.I.Joe 2007’ by Mitchell Smith!

This was one of the most magical years in GI Joe history. The Joe figure not only got a great new style, but it also kickstarted a wild surge of the classic GI Joe figures. I remember seeing that first set at Walmart and I’m sure I felt like pretty much every Joe fan. The excitement over took me as I opened it up. What a real cool looking new figure.


It sparked a new love and appreciation for GI Joe. Not only did it bring us back to our childhood but it also sparked the new hobby of customizing. Adults could buy up figures and break them apart paint them and create a figure that they couldn’t wait for Hasbro to produce or tweek a figure to look a little better then their original. It has been a crazy 10 years and GI Joe remains one of the most popular brands from the 80’s.

What is your favorite G.I.Joe 25th Anniversary item or story? Please share with us AFTER THE JUMP!


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