THE POP EXPOSE ‘G.I.Joe Filecards’ By Mitchell Smith!

When G.I. Joe hit shelves in 1982 each character had his own little uniqueness, as the years went on they had a vast variety of weapons, uniforms, and personalities, but one thing they all have in common is they all came with a file card. Hama tossed in a lot of military stuff, but he also through in some humor and gave a little back story to every character bringing them to life. I was sitting reading through some the other night and it made me wonder where Hama came up with some of his names, cities, and back stories. The first thing you notice on the file card is the picture and their code names with their real names listed first in the bio. The code names were pretty straight forward and many great names were created including some of my favorites, Hawk, Dr. Mindbender, and Spaceshot. 

Hama also created some pretty great names like Hector X. Delgado, Skip A. Stone, and Seymour P. Fine, all great names and I wondered if he looked names up in the phone book or how he came up with so many names, but the funniest are the Dreadnok’s real names. Where they were born always interested me. I wondered if the cities were places Hama had visited and maybe had a connection to some of those cities. I know there are a few cities I like and I don’t believe there are any Joes from, but there are some places I have visited and many I have not. From Malibu, CA, to Brooklyn, to Gary, IN, I wondered how many of the cities Hama had visited, and were the rest of the cities ones he had an interest in visiting. I think its cool to just take a look at all the cities and think about the ones I have visited and look up ones I have not to see what is interesting in those cities. 

There are also lots of great back stories that bring the Joes to life. I wondered if some may have been person experiences of Hama, but which ones? Some may have been stories from family, friends, or just people he had crossed paths for a short period of time. I always enjoyed the file cards and if you read through them, they are packed with all kinds of info. I still enjoy reading through them and each character comes to life with their profiles. They were definitely a huge part of my life growing up and they still provide a certain amount of entertainment still today.

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