The POP-EXPOSE: ‘Gotham’


As a kid who grew up in the 1980’s and early 1990’s I have to admit, I was not a fan of DC Comics of that era. Although I did see the Superman Movies in the 80’s my first real exposure to Batman was the first Michael Keaton Batman movie. I thought that while Batman himself was interesting, a gangster who decided to start dressing as a clown as the main villain in the movie was a bit of a stretch to me, even for a comic book movie.

I really did not really start to put together the Batman Universe until Batman The Animated Series came out on Fox, and I would watch it every day after school, not because I loved Batman, but because it was the best show on at the time. I was actually a much bigger fan of the X-Men Animated Series that was running at during the same time period. Why was this you ask? Again while Batman was decent, I just could never buy into the villains. The sequels to the original Tim Burton Batman movie really did nothing to help my opinion of this. From the Riddler, to Penguin, to Mr. Freeze, I just didn’t get it. How does someone like this accomplish anything as a villain.

As an adult however, my perspective on Batman villains has changed , and a big part of it has to do with the first 2 Christopher Nolan BatmanFilms, and my deeper understanding of the concept of Arkham Asylum. What makes the Batman villains unique to me now, and more plausible, is that they are all mentally handicapped individuals, who if not on the loose, would be locked up in mental institutions. And it makes it very plausible to believe someone who is a mental psychotic could be a truly evil villain. From the Moment I saw Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises my attitude changed.

Moving forward to today and our look at the brand new ‘GothamTV series on the Fox Network, we see the ‘Christopher Nolan’ style take on the Batman Villains in full force. The show starts out by showing us that the man who would eventually become Penguin, ‘Oswald Cobblepot’, has not only a mental disability but a physical disability that causes him to walk similar to a penguin, and that due to the constant verbal abuse he takes because of that, he is driven to slaughter innocent people as a release for his rage.

Another fantastic representation of the mind behind the villain is in how Gotham has portrayed the early life of Selena Kyle, the woman who eventually decides it’s a good idea to dress as a Cat and become a habitual thief. We see that she has no parents, but if that is not bad enough, she has been abused by the government officials of Gotham, and has no faith in any kind of authority whatsoever. So consequently she makes her own rules to live by, those which benefit her happiness.

Finally, and what I find the most interesting part of the Gotham TV series, is the tragic events of the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents. We find that Bruce Wayne suffers just as tragic an injustice as the people who someday become his biggest villains. He see’s that Gotham’s Police and Government are totally corrupt, and he is filled with rage and anger, and very easily he could take the same path that those like Owsald Cobblepot and Selena Kyle choose to take. But, we always have a choice, that one defining moment which determines what kind of person we will become, and Bruce Wayne chooses that he will be the light in the darkness, the man to stand against the trend and make a difference. We learn that if one man can make a difference for evil , one man can certainly make a difference for good. A man can choose to live to help others rather than live to serve his own desires.

This is why Gotham is going to be an Epic TV series. Not because of ‘Super Hero’s’, but because we can learn that regardless of how evil the world is, there is always a choice to walk in a different direction!

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