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Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Back in the spring of 1994 Kurt Cobain was found dead at his Seattle home from apparent self inflicted gun shot wound to the head. More than a score ago the debate started on whether Kurt killed him self or if Courtney murdered him in cold blood. Both had been subjects to a rough upbringing, and their out lash of behavior to the world was sometimes over the top and un-comprehendible to a lot of people. Never the less Kurt’s band Nirvanahad reached super star status and may have been grown into something bigger then Kurt, Nirvana, and perhaps the world. On the other hand Courtney was in her own band Hole, which was struggling to reach the status that Nirvana had achieved in just a few short years.

Kurt Cobain had grown up in the poor logging town of Aberdeen, WA. He was blessed with a musical talent at a young age, but the small town kept that talent hidden from the rest of the world. At age 8 Kurt’s parents split and Kurt would start a trend of discontent and hate in his life, later on he was kicked out of his house and stayed with a teacher and his children for a while, and he was also bullied in school. Kurt had spent most of his life in poverty and a good portion of it being rejected by the people around him that should have supporting him. When Nirvana hit it big there was a bit of transition their that was hard to handle and ultimately would not be over come. Courtney Love grew up bouncing around California, Oregon, New Zealand, and Ireland. Courtney’s mother divorced her father when she was 4 and her step father when she was 8. They moved to New Zealand but Courtney was sent back to stay with her step father and bounced around living with different relatives during that time. Courtney also spent time with here father as a teenager in Ireland. Courtney struggled with substance abuse through her teen and adult life and rumored to have had taken a tab of acid at a young age that her father gave her. Drug abuse compounded with mild autism made Courtney a menace to society.

Now there has been speculation that Courtney murdered or hired someone to murder Kurt and staged it to look like a suicide. Many things in the initial investigation seemed to be overlooked and some things that Courtney did could have been part of a cover up, then there was El Duce who said on camera that Courtney wanted to hire him to shoot Kurt and shortly after the interview he was run over by a train. I thought El Duce’s video looked very staged and probably was doing it for money, but one thing was very real his death and no one really caring much about it. Courtney she was a “Hole” different ball of wax. Courtney was in to heavy drugs, sex, and Rock. I’m not sure if she was wilder before after or while she was with Kurt. They were a very compatible couple.

They both liked writing and performing grunge, both were into drugs, Kurt was very laid back and passive where Courtney was very over the top. Even though they were on their way to a divorce and Courtney would be the most beneficial monetarily speaking with Kurt dead, I don’t see it happening. Them meeting at their house talking over the past week or so then Kurt shooting up a lethal amount of heroin and Courtney grabs the shot gun puts it in his mouth blows his head off, brushes his hair finishes the suicide note and goes about her everyday business like nothing happened. Perhaps she did find him dead and was beside herself, only to blame her self naturally, she drove him to it. She may have sat for hours with his body crying wondering why, combed his hair finished the suicide note and thought to herself, if she calls the police everyone will think she killed him, so she books it and finds a way to make sure she was not any where near him during the time frame in which he died.

Now I have a bit of my own personal theory. I’m a bit of a huge Nirvana fan and I have listened to a lot of there stuff music, documentaries, videos, etc. I think the main beef every Kurt fan has about his suicide is how could a person in his “GOD” like status kill himself? Kurt was a good looking guy, funny, talented, and young, his potential was limitless and just a few years put him in the spot light. Kurt Cobain had become bigger than the person, bigger then the world. In those final days, weeks, and even months before his death, his life had taken a turn to the dark side. He and Courtney both had almost lost their child to Child Protective Services do to their drug use. I’ve never had an addiction to heroin, or any other hard core drugs, but I have had an addiction to alcohol. Leading up to his death Kurt was having trouble on the home front, maybe the out of control Love realized she could loose her baby if she didn’t get sober, once she had, she saw its not much fun if you are sober and your spouse, father of your infant daughter is wasted all the time. Kurt did want help and went to rehab, but when you first quite a drug a person would rip another persons eyes out to get that high. There were days when I would be passed out on the basement floor and wake up wondering where I was and how I got there. Many night I would drink till I blacked out and what ever happened after that wasn’t my fault, so I told myself. I now understand how hard it is on a family and to your spouse when you are there in body but not in mind. I think Courtney wanted Kurt to get sober and leaving him was the only way to get him to listen to reason. Kurt tried, he really did try, I know the struggle I still battle today the urge to just get completely wasted trying to catch that buzz, and you think to yourself why can’t I just stop.

Kurt was making a statement when instead of walking out the front door of rehab he decided to scale the back wall, he was escaping. Escaping it all, he went to where ever his dealer was, got his drug and fell hard off the wagon. He went home and looked around at an empty oversized house. It hits him like a ton of bricks, he truly had just has much, if not more, before he was a superstar then he had at that moment. He had millions of people who loved him, but there he sat all alone. He spoke of finding something special in a shop and hoping you had enough money to buy it, he didn’t want to just walk in and buy the whole store. There was nothing special left. Kurt had been rejected as a child by his parents, and now he was loosing his family and the one thing that was in the way was the syringes locked and loaded sitting by his side, he does one shot, then another, maybe another, who knows, and before the drug is able to lethally administer through his body he picks up the gun and says to himself I don’t want my wife and daughter to be rejected like I have been, and I have tried to kick this heroin, but I can’t, there is only one way out and he decides in that moment that the letter he has left will sooth and comfort those who loved him and that the only thing he can love is his drug and he chooses that.
All in all is all we are
All in all is all we are
All in all is all we are
All in all is all we are
All in all is all we are

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