THE POP EXPOSE ‘Larry Hama’ By Mitchell Smith!

Larry Hama, born June 7th 1949, has done a lot of comic book work but is best know for his work on the G.I. Joe franchise. He spent 3 years in the Army during the Vietnam War as a firearms and explosive ordinance expert. Hama used his military background to create the G.I. Joe comics which was based off characters from the cartoon. He also wrote a majority of the file cards which is a staple to the Action figure and a must for collectors. I loved the file cards as a kid. It was so interesting getting a little background on the characters. It really brought them to life when watching them in the cartoons. 

I was never into the comics as a kid, but recently on Serpentor’s Lair, the comics have been brought back to the front burner thanks to YTJ and is weekly review “Now You Know.” It was very interesting reading the comics as an adult and getting a better understanding of the Joe franchise that I never had as a kid. When I was a kid It was always a lot of fun setting up battle scenes, but I was never really interested in the back stories of the characters other then that which the file cards provided. Hama was brilliant in writing a military based file card, but keeping it simple enough to connect to a 10 year old kid. Now reading through the comics, you really get a feeling how special his talent is.

Among his other comic book work he has had a hand in Marvel and DCHama also had a background in Judo and Martial arts which was also a big influence on the Ninjas in the Joe story Lines. Hama has been a huge influence on the comic world and has created hours of entertainment for all to enjoy. Are you a fan of Larry Hama’s work? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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  1. I’d like to correct your statement that Hama used his military background to create the G.I. Joe comics “which was based off characters from the cartoon.”

    The cartoons came out 3+ years after the first issue of GI Joe: A Real American Hero was printed. The comics were based off the characters from the Hasbro action figure line – not the cartoons.

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