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Michael-Jackson-Bad11[1]Story Courtesy of Serpentorslair Contributor ‘Train‘!

Michael Jackson

Jackson was coined the King of Pop, and either way if you’re a fan or a hater there is no disputing the numbers, Jackson was a successful performer. Jackson was a singer, song writer, record producer, dancer, and actor. Born 1958 he was brought up in a musical household. He grew up in a small house in Gary, IN with 3 sisters and five brothers. He joined his brothers in the band the Jackson 5, where they had many hits and Michael’s talent shined at lead vocals. He would go on to perform and create great hits and videos with Billy Jean, Thriller, and Beat it to name a few.

He would go onto become one of the most decorated performers with chart topper in 4 different decades, and the Thriller album being the best selling album of all time world wide. He also was one of the all time most charitable people organizing and donating to many different organizations. He lead the USA for Africa single We Are the World, where he was able to pull together one of the greatest choruses of music super starts. I still love watching the video today and just watch and listen to some of the greatest names and performers in the past 50 years.

Michaels name was smeared with child sexual abuse allegations on a couple different occasions. Any one who grew up in the 80’s cannot forget the Pepsi commercial where his hair caught on fire, his nose jobs, his great videos, and his unique style of dress and dance. He created the robot and his most famous dance the moon walk. Jackson’s long career came to a skid and he died of heart failure do to drug over dose that was administered by his doctor. Although he has left this world in body Michaels influence on music and dance will live on forever.

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