THE POP EXPOSE ‘Mint on Card vs Loose’ Toy Collecting By Mitchell Smith!

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Do you open your figures? Opening figures or leaving them in the package can define a person as much as putting the roll of toilet paper over or under, LOL. I know many people leave their figures in the package, or if they can take them out then put them back in the package, or they will buy 2 one to open and one to keep mint. I myself am a package opener.

I get keeping stuff in the package to a certain degree. Maybe it’s to preserve the prime price of the item, or maybe it is the nostalgia of finding the figure as a child on the peg at the store, or maybe it’s just your thing to leave them in the package. For me though I do have a few in the package only because I never got around to opening them, but someday I will. I like them out of the package. I want the figures to display in all their glory. I want them in poses and sitting in vehicles, running the controls to maneuver through the enemies attack. I want them to hold and display their weapons and accessories. I want them to come alive.

I like vintage figures with a little paint wear or a vehicles that might be missing a part. I think it gives each piece character. I don’t take anything away from those who love their figures in the package. I think it’s great if that is your thing. I just like to open them up and let them be free. I do keep the packages just in case someday I want to sell them and perhaps draw a little better value, but for now, I will take everything out and see what they have to offer. Which type of toy collecting do you prefer? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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