THE POP EXPOSE – Netflix’s ‘High Score’ Story by Mitchell Smith!

Hello everybody. Today I’m taking a look at the Netflix series ‘High Score‘. This is a 2020 Netflix original series on the the video game boom. Atari ruled the video game world back in the seventies and early eighties. Arcades were striving as teens and young adults flooded them across the globe. The series interviews various people who created some of the most memorable games and how they came up with game ideas. I only watched episode 1 but this looks like it will be interesting to watch all 6 episodes.

Back in the day my cousin had an Atari. I remember playing Pong on it. When Nintendo hit stores in 1985 I didn’t have one but we could rent one from our local store in town. That Christmas my brothers and I got one. Later we bought a Super Nintendo and that was my favorite system growing up. I still have it and enjoy playing it from time to time. Video games have come a long way in the past 40 years but for me I will always hold the eighties and nineties Video games close to my heart. I love watching series like this that bring me back to simpler times. If you have not yet watched this make sure to check it out. I’ll be catching up myself this week. Have a good day everyone and stay safe.


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