Who’s excited for the new repro vintage style Star Wars figures?

Retail figures have gone the way of the dodo bird lately. Despite some lingering Rogue One, Solo, and Marvel figures, it’s tough to go to retail and find anything new these days. G.I. Joe, what are those? The online stores have the market on action figures, but even those are in a bit of a drought compared to the past 10 years or so. For me I enjoy the hunt. 

How often as an adult collector do you get something and it ends up in a box someplace and gets looked at once a year or so. For me I love the thrill of the hunt, and I love running into other collectors, and people who have similar interests as I do. Not only do I like to hit the big stores but I enjoy visiting the local small shops and I have made a few friends with shop owners. I actually got a date at one of the small shops in the mall from one of the cashiers. 

Well anyways I’m hoping the vintage style Star Wars figures will make there way to retail and be a big hit. I love the articulation of the modern style figures and the Black Series, but the vintage figures will hold a certain amount of nostalgia not only for me but millions of people. They actually looked pretty great from what pictures I’ve seen. I do have a handful of vintage figures so a reboot of the 70’s and 80’s figures would be really cool. Perhaps they could toss in a figure or 2 that were never made in this era just to peak interest. I can’t wait for these to hit stores, at least I hope they hit more than the online retailer. I’ll be waiting for this Star Wars series to hit stores as well as the Joe reboot LOL, I would love to see the original straight arm figures released at retail.

Are you planning on collecting the new repro vintage Star Wars figures? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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