THE POP EXPOSE – Remembering Angela Lansbury!

Story by Mitchell Smith

Hello everyone. Today I’m taking a look at Angela Lansbury. Lansbury was born in London in 1925 and passed away last week in her sleep days before her 97th birthday on Oct 16th. Lansbury is best known for her long running show Murder, She Wrote but, had a number of other rolls spread over 8 decades. Lansbury started out in the forties taking on rolls in movies such as “National Velvet” and “Tenth Avenue Angel.”

Lansbury would find many other rolls throughout the coming decades and even do some voice acting as one of my favorite characters from the 1991 hit Beauty and the Beast as she brought the beloved Mrs. Potts to life. Lansbury was still active in 2022 making her final cameo in Glass Onion.

Lansbury was always a class act and brought beauty and elegance to every roll she played. She had a very successful career and she will be missed by many family, friends, and fans alike. RIP Angela Lansbury. Have a great week everyone.


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