THE POP EXPOSE – Remembering Louie Anderson and Meat Loaf!

Hello everyone. This week I’m paying tribute to 2 greats we lost this past week. Louis Anderson and one of my favorite artists Meat Loaf. Anderson was a long time stand up comedian who often made fun of himself to get laughs. Anderson also had a hand in a number of movies including Maurice in the 1988 hit comedy Coming To America, and the 2021 Coming 2 America. Anderson starred in his own show, The Louis Show, as well as appearing in many other shows such as Alley McBeal, Scrubs, and Nash Bridges.

He was a signature guy on Hollywood Squares and hosted Family Feud. Anderson was an entertaining guy and he will be missed both on and off the big screen. RIP Mr. Anderson. We also lost one of the greatest rockers Meat Loaf. His debut album Bat Out of Hell was one of the first records I had as a kid and is still one of the all time most selling records with some 43 million copies sold.

Meat Loaf was an awesome performer with timeless classics like Paradise by the Dashboard Light, and I’d do Anything for Love, off the Bat Out of Hell II album which I do own. Just last year I bought Bat Out of Hell on CD and I play it often in my car, and yes I sing along. Another great lost but he will live on through his music. RIP Mr. Meat Loaf.


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